Saturday, April 19, 2014

"For The Nest"

I recently completed the following collage, which is inspired by a good friend of my loved one.  At a friend's wedding this past fall, he talked to me for hours about his spirit animal: the osprey.  I so admired his conviction that the osprey is the best, most stately and graceful animal on the planet, and I had already been thinking of doing a piece on an osprey.  So, after several months of letting my mind work with that inspiration, here is the art!

This piece is about commitment: to the pursuit of one's own goals and desires, to holding onto those achievements once they're attained, to others (particularly family), and also the commitment of others to oneself.

"For The Nest"
5"x7" cut paper on wood panel
© Nicolette Callaway 2014
I also currently have a piece in a juried group show, "Small Works," at the Shirt Factory Gallery in Glens Falls, NY through the month of April.  If you're around, check it out, but otherwise, please feel free to view online.
5"x5" cut paper on canvas
© Nicolette Callaway 2013