Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It is not everyday that I encounter a woodpecker, which is why I've never created a piece with a woodpecker in it.  And yet this morning, as I was leaving my house, I noticed a woodpecker, beating away at a tree.  Beautiful and full of rhythm, I watched it for a minute before having to get in my car and drive away. 

It is said that when a woodpecker enters your life, it means that you are safe in the foundation you've created for yourself, and you can follow through with whatever you've begun, or, I suppose, have been contemplating.  In doing so, you will create new rhythms and awaken new sensibilities and skills.  The woodpecker tells us to listen to our own bodily rhythms and sounds, and determine from there where to move to. 

Have I been listening?  I think so.  Can I make my own new rhythms?  I believe I can.

But still the question remains: "Do I dare?  And do I dare?"