Sunday, August 22, 2010

So right now I'm working on a new piece -- one about intuition, healing through communication, and cosmic memory, combined with foresight and reflection on what is heard and said.

It's a little slow going, though, because of all the gardening I've been doing! Take a look at what we harvested just today...

And as it turns out, I will be exhibiting in a multi-artist show in November! Will tell more about that as the time draws nearer, as well.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

TightKnit Summer Market

This past Saturday I worked the TightKnit Troy Summer Craft Market. The weather was great, but foot traffic was really slow... summer Saturdays are pretty hit or miss. I got a lot of interest in my work, particularly my paper originals, as well as a new concept -- collaged recycled bags. I'm taking old canvas bags and collaging recycled fabric on them in a similar way to my paper collages. I haven't yet started using animals in them, as fabric is a less familiar medium for me in this design (hand-stitching is also very time consuming), but I am still keeping with the four natural elements. The bags have come out looking great and they keep improving with each new design.

I am looking forward to a new paper collage piece, perhaps a bit bigger than my usual size (no bigger than (4"x6"), which I'll be starting in the coming week. Maybe it'll elicit another Romare Bearden comparison, which, I have to say, would be (and was) pretty awesome.

I may do another Saturday in Troy before the summer is over, but I will definitely be doing the September in the City Art Fair in Tricentennial Park, Albany. It runs each Wednesday in September from 11:30am-2pm. More info on that as the time draws nearer...