Friday, May 31, 2013

Troy Night Out, Delmar

Don't miss Troy Night Out tomorrow night! I've got three pieces in the Fence Show at The Arts Center, so you should come check it out.

Also, the Delmar Farmers Market starts up for the season this Saturday, June 1, from 9a-1pm. Come get all your shopping done for next week! 

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Path

My most recent piece, The Path, is a triptych, spanning three 8"x10" canvasses.  It is on display for just a few more days at Stage 1 of the Albany Barn, and I recommend checking it out in person if you can.

The Path I began while I was recently in Austin, TX.  Vultures and hawks are commonplace on roads and in the air, about as common as falcons and hawks are in the northeast.  The interesting thing about vultures is that they are about purification, of moving through one part of the life cycle (death) into the next (birth; sustainability).  The deer is about innocence, of politeness, beauty, grace.  Hawk is a messenger, a protector of the air, and is associated with temperance.  The gryphon, while a mythological creature, is a guardian, a conduit, on the path toward spiritual enlightenment.  As the viewer moves his or her eyes from left to right across these three canvasses, he/she can read this path.  It is not a death of innocence, but a movement out of -- the innocence sustains the vultures, which purify and move it forward into something else, something weightier, from land, through fire and water, and into air.  The hawks watch over and protect during this transition, and the gryphon is present at the end to urge and guide, representing ultimate spiritual enlightenment, a self-awakening.

I welcome any and all thoughts on what you as a viewer may have read from this piece.  Artist intention is only one part of the artistic process.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Seeing Green: Environmentally Conscious Art" - New Exhibit

May's 1st Friday is a big one.

Just last evening I hung a show at the Stage 1 Gallery of the Albany Barn (46-48 N. Swan St., Albany).  "Seeing Green: Environmentally Conscious Art" will feature seven pieces of mine, as well as works by four other artists.  As you may know, all of my artwork is created from very small pieces of paper cut from celebrity gossip and fashion magazines, transforming the magazines into collages focused on the four natural elements and totem animals, that make a larger statement about how we live in our natural world and how we connect with each other.  My art is dually environmentally conscious.

Three of my new pieces are on display; one is a triptych I created when I was away in Austin, TX for three weeks.  The piece is called "The Path" and features five vultures, two hawks and a gryphon.  Really, it's about purification, a movement away from a stage of innocence, through a self-awakening and on toward spiritual enlightenment.  (A picture is below, but unfortunately it came out a bit blurry, so you'll really just have to get on out to the show.)

As I said in my last post, about fifteen of my pieces are currently on display at Mingle (540 Delaware Ave., Albany).  Though I do not have new pieces there, likely there are pieces you have not seen, so I recommend getting out there, having drinks/dinner, and checking out some artwork.  Support local business and local artists at the same time!

"The Path"
8"x10" (triptych)
cut paper
© Nicolette Callaway 2013