Friday, December 16, 2011

Delmar Farmer's Market -- Last Chance!

Tomorrow morning will be your last chance to check out what the Delmar Farmer's Market has to offer.  At Bethlehem Central Middle School, this market has many vendors, selling everything from veggies, cheese and meat, granola and baked goods, to soaps, creams, jewelry and art!  Although I would say that cheese, veggies, and baked goods aren't a very far leap from art. 

So come check it out tomorrow, Saturday 12/17 from 9am-1pm for some last-minute Holiday gifts.  You won't be sorry!

Sock Monsters Are Up On Etsy!

Finally, a sock monster is available on Etsy.  Customizable, no less!  So from my last post, you can now take a look at what these little creatures have to offer.

this funny rocker dude is going to be in the hands of a happy little boy very soon!
a little blurry, but cute!  she's been sold, though.
this floppy little guy is still available, but not for long!